Decentralized Identity Infrastructure Unlocking Powerful Experiences

Protocol for Web3 Orgs and Dapps to build Cross-Chain and Composable Identity Systems

Record and Reward User Reputation

Quest's Infrastructure enables Communities & Platforms to Record user’s Reputation in a Verifiable and Composable way.

Quest Protocol

Quest Protocol is a customizable SDK that enables Developers and third-party applications to build Cross-Chain & Composable Reputation Systems for their Dapps.

Quest Platform

Quest Platform is a no-code tool, built on top of Quest protocol, helping Communities & Companies to Record Member’s Contributions and use it to reward and incentivize members.

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How Quest Works

Connect Data Sources
Verified Data is collected from on-chain and off-chain sources & converted into models.
Issue Credentials
Generate Credentials & Composable Reputation Tokens using Smart Contracts.
Unlock Experiences
Credentials can then be used to unlock Utilities & Experiences.

Quest Protocol

Use Quest Protocol’s SDK to create a customizable Reputation System that works for your Community and Plaform.
Badges are ERC-721 VC, Non-Transferrable NFT + Verifiable Credentials(VC), that get added to a user’s Decentralized Identifier(DID).
Levels module assigns Levels based on set conditions such as XP earned.
Issues a ERC-721 Dynamic NFT whose metadata evolves as XP and/or Badges are added to it.
Assigns XP, which are scores/points, for activities and tasks performed that can then be redeemed for rewards.
Takes care of supplying the Verifiable Credential to the badge and attaching it to the user’s Decentralized Identifier(DID).
Collects all Reputation Data associated with the user to display on a profile or an avatar.

Use Cases

Our Use Cases are applicable to Web3 Communities, Platforms, Protocols & Networks, Games and Metaverses.
Reward Badges

Award SBT Badges to members to acknowledge member Contributions in your community.


Incentivize your community and increase engagement by setting up level tiers with rewards.

Loyalty Program

Brands can create a Loyalty Program using Composable Tokens and Dynamic Loyalty Points.

Metaverse Avatars

Dynamic Profiles and Avatars that change based on User's Contributions.


Use KYC Badges to perform verification and gate access based on the Badge.


Interoperable Digital Identity & ownership of in-game assets enabled by DIDs & VC.

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